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The artistic side of the e-cigarette mods world

Ecig Mods Gallery

Originally, E-cigarette mods were created by, and for, people who were frustrated by cheap and generally ineffective vaporizers, people seeking reliable and trouble-free E-cigs, which would allow them to maximize their vaping experiences. Currently we have abundance of E-cig mods available on the market, and various types of custom atomizers. Each of them is in effect, a duplication or improvement of previous projects, and the vaping comfort is already so high that in principle, each advance is becoming less noticeable. Therefore, the same as in the case of similar areas (ie - mobile phones, laptops, watches, etc...) E-cigarette mods also entered the way of evolution, a natural for this type of equipment. It becomes not only a well-functioning device, but also beautiful and stylish, giving the holder a feeling of extravagance. Today, everyone will find an E-cig mod to their liking, mods made of steel, brass, plastic or wood. There are the some E-smokers, for which the main concern is that the e-cig is be reliable. There are also mods a bit more expensive, for some of the more affluent, who appreciate reliability on par with style. Of course we can’t forget about the last group of mods, with costs, that for some, are difficult to imagine - like the Caravela Solid Silver Edition for 2000 € :)
Like any subculture, whether it be a group of art lovers paying unimaginable sums for works of art (including contemporary arts), a football enthusiast who buys soccer-cards for a few million dollars, car fans paying a fortune on the old, rusty heap, etc, etc... There are lovers of fine e-cig mods too. There are E-cig Enthusiasts who will never hesitate to spend enormous sums on a vaping device. The prices of these mods can’t, of course, be considered in terms of material and utility alone, because as with any collectible object the price for a potential buyer has only symbolic value. On my website I'd like to touch the artistic side of the vaping world, as the Internet is focused more on its technical side, and misses what for some of us is an important area.


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